Presentations and workshops

Presentations and workshops

Are you looking for experienced speakers in Sales, CRM and/or Customer Loyalty? Are you planning workshops for your employees in these areas in order to expand their specific expertise?
We have carried out many presentations and workshops at companies in different areas of industry and have extensive presentation competence, as well as high level of flexibility in adapting topics to a wide range of industries in a target-oriented way.

Our references speak for themselves:

“Dr. Ranzinger is a genuine CRM expert.  Her ability to apply her skills and expertise and to take the partner on a journey is outstanding.  In every project, she is structured from the outset. This makes implementation efficient — especially as Dr. Ranzinger takes care of all the project management parts herself. As a result the project and it’s realization are truly enjoyable.” Uwe Krohn, Senior Vice President Sales, H-Hotels AG

“We are more than enthusiastic about Frau Dr. Ranzinger’s work. She achieves above average results in her job, and she works in a very target-oriented, extremely structured way.”
Bernhard Brugger, CEO Central Europe, PAYBACK GmbH

“Ms. Ranzinger relates to employees as well as “bosses” on a strong emotional level, motivating everyone to try new marketing paths in an innovative, uncompromisingly customer-oriented way.”
Wolfgang Müller, Marketing Verein Deutscher Apotheker e.V., Executive Board